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Craft Ideas

Learn about a variety of craft ideas. These craft ideas will not be limited to one specific type of craft. Craft ideas listed will pertain to holiday specific crafts, every day crafts and more!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Idea - Sports Choker

No, I don't mean to choke your husband or boyfriend because he's always watching sports! Rather, what I mean is to create a sports themed choker necklace.

I bought an empty choker which is 18 inches long. To me this is a good size in that it won't be to small for most people. You can get chokers at most craft stores. Then I bought some alpha beads. These are simply beads with individual letters on them.

I also have some baseball and football beads.

My first choker is a baseball themed choker for our local team. I placed two baseball beads, then placed the alpha beads to spell the team name. To put a space between words just simply add another baseball bead to divide the words. Then I added two more baseball beads at the end.

This is a fun craft because it's personalized with the team's name. Also, I'm not wrapping the beads using wire I'm just simply placing them on the choker. One benefit is that if the person wearing the choker decides later that they want to change the beads then they can easily by slipping the beads off.

Have fun and be creative!

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Craft Ideas

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Idea - Baby Shower Topiary

A few weeks ago some hostesses for a baby shower asked me to make the baby shower decorations. The mother-to-be did not want the usual pastel colors because she had decided to do the nursery in primary colors.

I racked my brain trying to figure out what kind of baby shower decorations I could make that would look babyish (is that a word?), using the colors red, yellow and blue.

The hostesses were wanting centerpieces for the table.

So this is what I did.

I decorated two topiaries. They both had a 3 inch ball and a 5 inch ball. On the first topiary, I covered the top ball in silk, red, carnations. The second ball I covered in silk, yellow, carnations.

For the second topiary, I covered the top ball in silk, yellow carnations. The second ball I covered in silk, red carnations. (Just a reverse of the first topiary).

Then for the stem of the topiaries, I covered them in origami foil. I found it at a local craft store. It's really colorful and shiny. It only came in a color variety pack but I chose the blue foil.

I just used craft glue to adhere the foil to the stem. When placing the foil, I squeezed the foil around the stem so that the foil would not fit smooth. This gave the stem some texture.

For the base of the topiary I covered it in silk material. If the bottom ball on the topiary was red, then the silk was yellow. If the bottom ball on the topiary was yellow then the silk was red. I attached the material by tieing it to the stem using some pretty trim that I had found.

Then I bought small teddy bears (also at the craft store) and glued some of the extra trim I had remaining from tieing the silk material, around the neck of the teddy bears just to give them some color. I glued them (using a hot glue gun), to the second ball on each topiary. They were tall enough that I glued one foot to the top of the second ball, and then glued the "paw" of the bear to the top ball. Then in the other hand of the bear I attached some balloons.

Within the top balls on each topiary I used floral picks to attach pacifiers, baby rattlers and other baby decor.

The topiaries turned out to be a hit! I have to admit I was nervous when I first began making them because of the primary colors, but everything turned out great.

If you have a baby shower to decorate for then this would be a great idea to make.

Or if you would like to email me at I'll give you a free quote for baby shower decorations and I'll take the load off of you and make them for you!

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Craft Ideas

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas - Shadow Box

Looking into a shadow box is like looking into one's heart. You see things that reflect memories of times gone by, or the likes of today.

Show your loved one you care by creating a shadow box full of things that have meaning to them.

I would suggest going to a craft shop and purchasing an already made shadow box. No, not the one with contents already in it, just an empty one.

If you don't have time or are just not able to search for pictures and other items don't worry!

Try to think about what your loved one enjoys. Does he or she enjoy motorcycles, fishing, pets, sewing etc?

Then go find "miniatures" of those items and place those in the shadow box. Some miniatures can be found at craft stores.

If you can't find "miniatures" then maybe you could create your own "miniatures" depicting what your loved one enjoys.

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Craft Ideas

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Craft Idea

Craft Idea - An Evening of Crafting

Goodness gracious I am tired! I have been crafting all evening. I got off work at 5 o'clock and haven't stopped crafting since I finished eating supper about 6:30 p.m.

I've been working on a musical gazebo. I painted a small (I guess about 10 inches tall) wooden gazebo. Then I'm placing silk flowers around the outer edge of the gazebo, placing some spanish moss on the inside of the gazebo with a purple robin bird sitting in the moss. Then I attached the gazebo to a rotating music player. The song it plays is the Lord's Prayer.

Anyway, I guess I'm going to go get some rest.

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Craft Idea

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Idea - Topiary

The other day I sat down to make some crafts for my specialty store Floral Creations. I discovered that I still had an undecorated topiary that could sure use some sort of decorations. I began covering the topiary in flowers. As most topiaries are decorated. But, then after already attaching several flowers, I came up with another craft idea. A craft idea that I wish I would have thought of BEFORE I attached the flowers. Here is my astonishing, interesting, creative thought. But wait. Are you sitting down reading this? I don't want you to get to excited. HA HA! But seriously, I think it would be a neat craft idea to cover a topiary in fabric. Yes, I said it! I know that you are just jumping up and down from excitement. I'm sure it's already been done. But anyway, it sounds pretty cool. You could buy some of the fuzzy, funky, retro fabric a make a really neat decor piece for a teenager's room. Hey, it's just a thought. It could be really cute if done right.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Craft Idea

Crafting With The Family

On Monday, my cousin came from Arkansas to visit and she brought her two kids, ages 8 and 10. I had planned on taking them to the local zoo (no not to stay, just to visit!) but naturally, it started raining.

Of course, with an 8 and 10 year old, entertainment is a necessity. I do have a lot of craft supplies but didn't really figure the kids cared anything about making a Red Hat Society Gift. So I checked out a really neat life saver (at least for me it was with entertaining the kids) that you may want to see by clicking here.

Anyway, I was so glad to see this! I was able to sit the kids down with their mom and we all made crafts! I didn't even need to use much of my craft supplies because some things were made from things just laying around the house.

The kids really enjoyed being able to let their imagination run wild with their craft.

All in all, it was a good visit. They are gone to see their grandma now, but we truly had a great time.

Craft Ideas

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Craft Idea

Easter Craft Idea and Acquiring Crafter's Block

Sometimes trying to decide on a craft idea can be extremely frustrating. It seems as though every craft idea has already been thought about and made, and for the most part it has. But sometimes it’s fun to make a really simple craft project but just put your own spin to it.
Easter is a fun time to make crafts. Easter craft ideas can be full of color and whimsy, not to mention that fun Easter Rabbit. Of course, an Easter craft idea usually consists of making an Easter Basket. Well, this is no exception. But once again, add your own spin to the idea and make it your own.
Something unique to make an Easter Basket from is a metal bucket. Of course, you can decide on the size of the bucket. Take your metal bucket and paint it with your choice of colors. Create your own design and have fun with it. Then you will need embellishments. Various color ribbons are fun to place around the bucket or you may just want one strand of ribbon. Then continue embellishing with flowers, buttons, beads, or even a belt buckle. As for the “grass” to place in the bucket, one suggestion is to use shredded paper. If you have paper that is straw colored then that may be even better. This would be something a bit different from the “Easter grass” at the store.
Now your Easter Basket could be used for hunting eggs or maybe as a centerpiece for your table.
As stated before, sometimes it is rather hard to come up with crafting ideas. I’ve been crafting for several years and absolutely love it but there are times that I get what I call “crafter’s block.” Yes, it’s similar to “writer’s block” but with crafts. Keep in mind that just because it’s someone else’s craft idea doesn’t mean it’s not your own creation. It’s up to you to design it how you wish.

Craft Idea

Friday, March 10, 2006

Craft Idea

Welcome to my craft idea blog. Here you will learn about any craft idea dealing with any type of craft. Looking for a craft idea? Find it here.