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Craft Ideas

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Idea - Sports Choker

No, I don't mean to choke your husband or boyfriend because he's always watching sports! Rather, what I mean is to create a sports themed choker necklace.

I bought an empty choker which is 18 inches long. To me this is a good size in that it won't be to small for most people. You can get chokers at most craft stores. Then I bought some alpha beads. These are simply beads with individual letters on them.

I also have some baseball and football beads.

My first choker is a baseball themed choker for our local team. I placed two baseball beads, then placed the alpha beads to spell the team name. To put a space between words just simply add another baseball bead to divide the words. Then I added two more baseball beads at the end.

This is a fun craft because it's personalized with the team's name. Also, I'm not wrapping the beads using wire I'm just simply placing them on the choker. One benefit is that if the person wearing the choker decides later that they want to change the beads then they can easily by slipping the beads off.

Have fun and be creative!

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Craft Ideas


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