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Craft Ideas

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas - It Looks Like Tile

Hi there! My goodness it has been rather hectic lately. My uncle found out the other day that he had a heart attack but he didn't even know he had had one! He went in for a physical and the EKG showed that at some point in time he had a heart attack. Needless to say, he was scared. They are running some more tests but they want him to quit smoking. He smokes about two packs a day so I'm afraid it's going to be rather difficult for him to quit.

My sister has also been rather sick with a virus. I think I may need to open my own hospital!

Anyway, I've still made time for crafting and wanted to tell you about this fun craft idea.

I'll tell you what you need then explain how it looks.

Materials Needed:

decorative scrapbook paper
crafter's glue
mat board
frame to fit mat board


Cut the mat board to your desired size. (Preferably a square).

Cut your decorative scrapbook paper into four squares. Remember we are going for the tile look here so if there is a design on the scrapbook paper try to center that design when you cut the square. NOTE: When trying to determine size of squares try to think that you probably want to place your paper squares in the four corners of the mat board. So this will leave a thin space of black mat board going vertical and a thin space going horizontal. But you do want to leave enough mat board space showing so that you are able to tell a definite separation between the paper squares.

Glue the four squares onto mat board. Then frame the mat board. You can either put the glass with the frame or not. The four squares now look like tile.

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Craft Ideas


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